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Live! from Moscow: The Consecration of Christ the Saviour Cathedral, August 19, 2000

On Saturday, August 19, the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church, in association with StreamingRussia.com and the AMT Group, will present a live webcast of the consecration of Christ the Savior Cathedral.

This magnificent cathedral, destroyed by Stalin in 1931, has been rebuilt as both a symbol and reality of the new Russia. The consecration, which fittingly falls on the Orthodox feast day of Transfiguration, will have in attendance principal leaders from the Russian Federation along with the best voices in the country singing responses to His Holiness, Patriarch ALEXY II.

It is certain to be an event of ineffable majesty, color and sound. The webcast, which will be linked directly through the Patriarchate¦s home page located at http://www.russian-orthodox-church.org.ru/en.htm, will be available both live and on demand at least one month after the consecration.

More information about the cathedral can be found on Dave's Russia Page:  Cathedral of Christ The Saviour.

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